Three years ago today

Here’s a story for you. In the year before our wedding, we spent a week out in San Francisco trying out caterers. Now, this is a treat that is really best enjoyed if you are getting married in Marin County, because every caterer gives you a huge free lunch, and you’re surrounded by redwoods and birds and Californians who are serving you food. At the end of it, we went with a guy named Michael Woodward, who served us this amazing array of insane courses at his home in Ross. Sign the contract, done deal.

Day of the wedding: Laurea and I are buzzing around talking to everybody, taking pictures as the guests devour the hors d’oeuvres. I get a couple of bites in before—yadda yadda—we get married. Off to take more pictures as our guests wait to eat some duck. Arrive back at the reception and start giving speeches while everybody chows down. Cake, drinking, dancing, amazing—best wedding ever, swear to god.

The two of us get back to the hotel at about midnight. Change clothes, fall into bed. Realize we have not eaten. Order a pizza at 1 a.m. in one of the worst pizza cities in America.

Best pizza I ever ate, with the best choice I ever made.

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