Twenty positive things that happened on the internet

Earlier today, I fumed audibly about trolls on Twitter:

Within minutes, my friend David Jacobs, the internet’s most vigilant defender against idle whining, responded thusly:

So, yeah: Dark days come and go, but Friday should be sacrosanct. Duly submitted, then, on this, the second-to-last Friday of May, 2014, is my list of twenty positive things that have happened on the Internet. Thinking of the first three or so was pretty hard, but it got a lot easier after that–I ended up having to trim a few things out (saved, probably, for the next time I complain?)

David has his own list of positive internet things, and you probably do, too. These, in no particular order, are mine. Consider this my penitence for a negative Friday outlook.

Twenty Positive Things That Happened on the Internet

  1. The Alameda-Weehawken Burrito Tunnel
  2. Metafilter
  3. Terry Colon’s illustrations on
  4. The photoblogger scene in the early 2000s
  6. Chowhound
  7. CSS Zen Garden
  8. The Flickr Commons
  9. Everything2
  10. Leslie Harpold’s advent calendars
  11. The Mirror Project
  12. Homestar Runner
  14. David Gallagher’s Fiona Project
  15. Mahir Çağrı
  16. PostSecret
  17. Teju Cole on Twitter
  18. Small Can Be Big
  19. Verse by Voice

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